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Young Senegalese women screenwriters
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A.W.A.. is a Senegalese association which advocates gender equality in the African cinema industry.It is also an initiation, discovery and acceleration program for cinema careers entirely dedicated to women.


Going to the cinema for the first time, entering a writing residency with professionals, growing up alongside figures and experts from world cinema, are the flagship activities of this association which loves women who dare!

The writing residency supported by the associationA.W.A. allows a group of 8 to 10 young university women aged 19 to 30 to equip themselves with the tools necessary for their personal development and film writing skills.


According to a program established in advance, the training is based on professional supervision and combines professional and exclusive meetings, immersion time on film sets and accessibility to technological and modern educational tools.


The activities of the writing residency vary between personal development and inspiration through workshops.soft skills and pitching, boxing sessions as well as inspiring meetings with cinema professionals. All courses and interventions are accessible to residents through a mobile application with private access. On this application, residents participate in their own evaluation as well as that of their classmates, according to criteria based on soft skills such as self-confidence, perseverance, collaboration and even creativity.

The writing residency
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It is the cultural activity of the association intended for a group of young women aged 13 to 18, residents of Dakar and its suburbs, from vocational training centers or out of school.


The idea is to offer cinema outings to young girls who have never had the opportunity to go there and to offer them an experience of discovering a cinema, a selection of films and that they also discover their position as an audience.


The film club is a real meeting place which can become a vector of cultural transformation among participants, by inviting them to express themselves, to give their opinion on films viewed, to develop their thinking and to nourish their cinematographic and cultural knowledge.

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Merci! Nous vous contacterons dans les meilleurs délais.

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