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is the new

grow employees develop perseverance through boxing, social transmission through our "Giving Back Days", their personal entrepreneurial projects, autonomy of their objectives andthe ambassador of the grow brand

Never forget where you come from ...

Creating value and passing it on to young, marginalized stars is our reason for existing.
Our culture is an integral part of our work environment. The grow employee develops his technical and personal skills which he then passes on to young people in the making. Our chain of human solidarity thus continues with employees who become grow ambassadors, during and after their time within the company.
#growculture is built around our determination to gradually create employees who are ambassadors of our values, autonomous and solutions-based, persevering and obsessed with social empathy. 
Between our recruitment, our rules of life and our strategic vision, more than 70% of our actions are decided collaboratively with all our employees, and 100% of the objectives of our tasks are implemented independently. 
Our employees have social missions that they set for themselves each month, collectively organize Giving Back days (days of happiness in social structures) and participate in the Grow Academy, our female entrepreneurship academy.
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