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Let's encourage future female cinema creators on the African continent to dare to take the plunge and tell their own stories.

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A.W.A. is a Senegalese association which advocatesgender equality in the African cinema industry.

A.W.A. is a program ofinitiation, discovery and acceleration to the cinema profession entirely dedicated to women.

Going to the cinema for the first time, entering a writing residency with professionals, growing up alongside figures and experts of world cinema, are the flagship activities ofthis association which loves women who dare !

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  • The A.W.A. residence allows selected apprentice authors to experience writing work, constantly challenged by the collaborative energy of the group, and experts in film writing, film viewings, immersions on film sets


  • Duration: 3 sessions of 3 weeks


  • Cost / financing: Free


  • Selection: Participation in the training is reserved for students from partner universities Sup'Imax and Sup'Info


9 weeks of developing the pitch for your writing project with screenwriters and film professionals

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